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Introverts Welcome!
Introverts Welcome! Expressive arts therapy is a wonderful way for those of us that require quiet time to recharge and express ourselves.
Virtual Appointments
Virtual Appointments This is what our online therapy and expressive arts sessions look like now. I'll send you a link once you make an appointment.
What If I'm Not Creative?
What If I'm Not Creative? Previous experience with art or creativity is not required. If you want to experiment with creativity, then this is definitely the right place! If you're more comfortable with conversation, we'll get into deep discussions.
Do Men Go to Therapy?
Do Men Go to Therapy? Of course! Sometimes therapy is the first place a man feels comfortable talking about his feelings and fears. He can then take the experience into his daily life to deepen his understanding of himself and his relationships.
Nurture Yourself
Nurture Yourself When you nurture self-compassion, you will bloom and grow.
Expressive Arts Therapy is Fun!
Expressive Arts Therapy is Fun! The expressive arts are a fun way to approach therapy. Some days we'll only talk, and other days we'll get into images or sound.
Lost & Low
Lost & Low When you're feeling lost and low it's time to reach out for help.
Behind the Mask
Behind the Mask It's exhausting to live an inauthentic life. Let's see who's there behind the masks.
Find Time to Play
Find Time to Play No matter where you find yourself create some time to play.
Healthy Expression
Healthy Expression What will show up once you give yourself the opportunity to express it?
Men get anxiety too.
Expressionists Podcast Interview
Expressionists Podcast Interview